Mistakes To Avoid While Search Engine Optimizing Your Website

Mistakes To Avoid While Search Engine Optimizing Your Website

While SEO can be extremely lucrative and a good source of free passive traffic, there are many things you can do wrong that can have a negative impact and cause your website rankings to go down. best SEO company in kerala

Here are a couple so that you can actively avoid them

1. Over-Optimisation Of Keywords – Keyword Density. It’s extremely important to keep your keyword density between 0.5 to 1% – best to keep it at 0.5%. Basically, if you are writing a 500-word article, you should sprinkle your keyword around about 2 or 3 times and that’s it. Anything over 1% will appear as spam in the eyes of Google and that is extremely bad for rankings. digital marketing agency

Anything less than 0.2% and Google will have a hard time understanding what your webpage is about. best SEO agency in kerala

As a standard point of the rule, make sure you try to include your keyword in the title tag, URL, meta description, and the opening paragraph.

2. Link Spamming – While using tools like SENuke properly can have good results you should be very careful with them because if you overdo it then it can come off as spammy and get your site penalized. Always make your backlink profile look as natural as possible. online promotion company kerala

3. Proper W3C Markup – W3C Markup or proper coding or website design is important in the eyes of Google. If your webpage appears broken in desktop or mobile that can have negatively affected your rankings while having proper w3c formatting can boost your rankings. professional SEO company

Avoid silly mistakes like link farming and you are good to go. Link farming is using software to generate links for your site. If used improperly, this can get your website deindexed. SEO services in kerala

How To Reach Your Target Audience With Email Marketing

Just like any other form of marketing, targeting is extremely important when it comes to email. Like in SEO, if you go after the wrong keyword then you waste your energy with link building, in email, if you go wrong with targeting then you waste energy testing, tracking and tweaking emails all to deliver the message to the wrong audience.

In this article, I’ll cover a few ways you can reach the exact audience you want to target. self hosted autoresponder setup service

People who are interested in your products or services will visit your website, which is targeted traffic and you need to put in the effort to convert these visitors into email subscribers or messenger bot subscribers. Emailing these leads will be way better than blasting your content to a purchased list because these are extremely targeted subscribers and want to know what you have to offer. self hosted autoresponder

Make sure you use a language that your target audience can easily understand. Do not use advanced vocabulary that’ll make the user have to Google every now and then.

Keep your message simple and clear.

Make sure you know what you want before you send an email. If you want people to click through to your site or your affiliate offer then make the content short and sprinkle links plus naked links around. email marketing software

If your email is pure content then make it long.

I personally prefer training my readers to click through because people who take the initiative to click through will more likely purchase something.

Keep these in mind the next time you draft an email to your audience.

How To Properly Invest In Real Estate

How To Properly Investment In Real Estate

Though there are people who managed to generate millions with real estate, there are also people who went broke trying to make money. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to make sure you belong to the former group and not the latter.

1. Stand Out From The Crowd

Let’s say you found a good property to invest it, if it’s good enough, there will also be a lot of other investors wanting to get it so it’s extremely important to stand out from the crowd and get the seller’s attention.

You can do this by being creative with the way you approach the seller. While most investors will prefer calls over meetings take the initiative to meet the seller in person and this will help convey that you are really interested in the property and are a serious buyer. villas in thrissur

2. Proper Research

Research is extremely important. Why? You need to know everything you can about the industry you are working in to be successful. If you are not knowledgable about the niche then you cant be successful. villa projects in thrissur

Especially when you talk to a seller you need to show that you are valuable. A seller will have more confidence selling to a buyer who has experience in the industry especially if it’s his first sale. They won’t have any confidence in you if you appear in front of them clueless and not knowing anything about the industry.

The best way to look more credible to the seller is to be able to provide advice and guidance in the sales process. You have to be knowledgable enough to offer help in case the seller comes asking for it. developers in thrissur

3. Using Investment Groups

Like I mentioned before, real estate investments require effort and capital. But what if you don’t want to put in that effort? That’s when you choose to go with investment companies. These companies will invest your money and collect rent on your behalf taking a share but you won’t have to deal with maintenance or any of the dirty work. Caletal Cyan Project

This is a great option especially if you have money to invest.